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July 19, 2006

Brownie Hall b. 1990 - d. 6/30/2006


It is a time of sadness for the Hall’s. One of our dogs, Brownie, passed away on June 30. We got him after Buster. He was about a year older than Buster when weadopted him, or rather he adopted us. 16 years  is a long time but it does not hurt any less. Heleaves behind Martin, Carol, Grant, Paige, Rachel, Sakima and Scruffy.

We know he is in a better place, his quality of life was declining.He was suffering from a number of ailments including a doggie version of Alheimer's disease and weak and failing back legs. However, he remaiined the 'alpha' dog, or 'leader of the pack', all the way to the end. We were looking for another dog, to keep Buster in line. We thought maybe a cocker spaniel (I had had them growing up). We felt strongly about using a dog rescue. Someone recommended Second Chance Dog Rescue. We were going to go to their adoption day when it next came up.  We had been looking at
the pound also. Second Chance was having a little bit of an over crowding problem, so we became 'temporary' foster parents. We will miss him greatly. But we remember him for the undying love he gave us for so many years.

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