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April 9, 2005

Going to India

I went to India. A week later than I had planned. Turns out that I needed a visa and I had not bothered to check. It did not even enter my consciousness that I might need a visa. Oops. I left on March 18 rather than March 11. I got the visa on Monday after the 11th. I had not been to India so this was going to be interesting and a bit of an adventure. I am going to Hyderabad. Other than some tourism (as my visa states ;-) ), I am going to meet with Sridhar Reddy of Aadhya. His company is starting to do some programming, etc. for some projects for which I am beginning to be involved. I was seting up the relationship, and to work on specs. I believe in relationship before task, so going to India was important. One of the things that I was struck by, was the incredible hospitality and courtesy that I received everywhere that I went (on the street, stores, restaurants, etc.). My experience at the hotel (Taj Banjara) was just unreal. It seemed that everyone new your name.

There was the poverty that one associates with India, however, in some ways it was not as bad as I thought it might be. But it is still hard to not feel for the people that are in the condition they are in. Sridhar, my host was incredibly gracious and wanted me to have the best expereince that I could. (Another interesting expereince that I had was that people took great pride in their city.) Sridhar and I did well at balancing work and leisure. Not an experience that I always receive on business trips. While it was great to be home, the trip left me with a sense of history and good experiences.

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